Proven Tips: How to Build a Money Making Blog!

Tips for How to Build a Money Making Blog.

Howe to Build a Money Making Blog


 How to Make Money With a Blog Online

If you are serious about making money on the internet then it is a good idea to have your own internet piece of real estate.  Let me give you some tips on how to build a money making blog rather than a website which is complicated if you have no idea about website development.  It is also the easiest running your own blog, because you can update it regularly with new information and news, and not only that the search engines love new content as well so you will rank better. Even more attractive are the easy ways you can monetize a blog with affiliate links and even your own products once you become a trusted source of what you are promoting on your blog.

In order to have a successful blog to make money online it is important to include certain details within it especially if you want to build a trusted reader ship. Your blog becomes like your storefront and will be your visitor’s first impression of you so make certain the basics are covered before anything else… I learned how to build a money making blog through trial and error and these tips will help you make certain you start out the right way.

Keep the rule of thumb in mind and that is that you will need to be sure your visitors get a good first impression with relevant information and facts about what you are promoting. Stick to your niche of what your blog is all about so that the visitor that seeks specific products and services you are offering find everything they need on your blog website.

Super Sales Machine Super Empire

Here are some tips that you should include on your site in order to get the full potential from it.

  1. Firstly you will need to give your visitors some details about you or the company and what your focus is, the type of products or services you are offering them and where you are located. This will encourage confidence and trust in you off the bat. Put your profile link somewhere like this: ABOUT US
  1. Next make sure your content describes the services and products you are offering your visitors, and provide details of why they are better than competitors and why what you are offering will be beneficial to them. Answer these questions ‘what’s in it for me?’, and ‘Why should I buy from you?’… And also give them information why the product works.
  1. Give your customer every reason to select your products and services over your competition. When you know how to build a money making blog you will monetize it by providing visitors cost effectiveness, value for money, promotions that beat your competitors, and special offers they may not find elsewhere?

Again answer their question of “what’s in it for me?’ and ‘why should I buy from you?’. Also establish your unique selling points with added value and more benefits. No matter what sort of niche you are promoting give visitors as many reasons possible why your products, services or store can be trusted.

Add Value to Your Blog/Website and a Contact Email.

Although a telephone number is beneficial on your blog sometimes it can mean calls at odd times of the day or night and even prank callers so the best option is an email address contact link or page form which can be submitted. When you get emails from visitors make sure to answer promptly, politely and honestly.

How to Build a Money Making Blog Shortcut.

If you want to know a shortcut to how to build money making blog there is one excellent turnkey opportunity that offers readymade blogs in many different niches which you can modify and call your own. Visit this excellent Value Turnkey opportunity HERE!


You can easily add value to your blogs and monetize them in tons of different ways. This turnkey offer gives you many free tools and content for promotions and you can add your products in a variety of links as you go along. Now that you know how to build a money making blog you can get started right away and all you need to do is register a domain and get cheap hosting for it. The income you derive from your blog will cover these services easily which are in most cases just a few Dollars per month.

The better you present your blog or website and the more resources you can offer your visitors the better your website will be, and the more your visitors will want to stay and buy from you.With these few points you can make a profitable blog that your visitors will enjoy and build trust for yourself. In this way you will increase click through and sales conversions. Just remember you are building your blog or website for your visitors, and not to please search engines. Keep it simple, easy to surf, and informative and you are well away!


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